Is it possible humans to be 3d printed in near future?

3D Printing is very popular these days since people use it to print/make parts for machines, cars, models of buildings and some parts for humans, as artificial hands.

  • All this is very interesting but maybe most intriguing is the option to print human parts and tissue.

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How can this be possible? What are the options? Is it even possible to make complete human being in the near future? It is ours to find out if technology is up to the task and what is the opinion of the scientists.

  • What is Bioprinting?

Bioprinting is when 3d printer is used to print human tissue, and all of that sounds very promising.

In the beginning of this procedure donor is needed for its cells. Its cells are put into a biological culture in order to develop and multiply. When a stage is reached where there are enough cells – they are put inside the 3d printer cartridge. These cells are placed one on top other as regular plastic filament used in 3d printer.

  • Between these layers of cells are put different materials as a bonding structure like gel based on water or substances based on sugar.
  • After this process and the tissues has been printed it is expected of the cells to start growing. The gaps between the cells will be closed and the tissue growth will start. In the secondary process when the cells are matured and bonded together the scientists will make their trials. These experiments are done in the lab or on to real human being.
  • If the newly grown tissue is used on a human it is normally put onto the same person from which the initial cells were taken from.

In the past doctors and scientists have used transplantation of cells and organs on humans but there was big chance of rejection by the body immune system. Now, with the process of 3D printing best 3d printer filament will be use of cells by a donor and using the newly grown cells with the same donor there is much less a chance for them to get rejected.

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